Dr Mohammad Uddin

School of Engineering
University of South Australia
  • 2 Lessons
  • 200 Students
  • 14 Publications

Dr Mohammad Uddin is currently a lecturer at the School of Engineering in the University of South Australia. Along with pursuing quality research on biomedical manufacturing, Dr Uddin teaches extensively various engineering courses, e.g. Engineering Dynamics, Mechanics of Machines, and Mechanical Engineering Practice.
“Engineering design is a daunting and challenging task and students often struggle in the process to achieve an optimum solution. Therefore, there is an urgent need of how we, academics, can encourage students to develop their design minds and practices. Since I get familiar with, adaptive tutorials are found to be a realistic online based tool for students to practice engineering design process By being involved in such a big network, I would be able to integrate those innovative adaptive tutorials into my course to improve further student’s learning outcomes more efficiently. From student’s perspective, the benefit would be students will have opportunities to access and practice a range of tutorials involving different problem based scenarios to re-strengthen and broaden their capability in engineering design problem solving tasks.”