Adaptive Mechanics Network Launch

The start of the 2015 academic year heralds a new era in collaborating and teaching online… with Rich, Interactive and Adaptive courseware. Welcome to the Adaptive Mechanics Network.

The Adaptive Mechanics Network (“AMN”) is a community of engineering experts whose shared vision is that every student and every teacher, wherever they are, will have access to the best engineering education.

Members of the network share resources and intelligent courseware that is rich, interactive and powered by Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform. You can teach with adaptive lessons as-is, or adapt them to better suit your needs. Real-time learning analytics will give you insight into your students’ minds: what they’re learning and how, what’s not working and why. Access key data effortlessly using our drill-down dashboard to pinpoint problem areas and difficult concepts.

Join the community and make 2015 a defining year in your teaching.